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Jun 5,2023

The Best Kids Luggage for Travel in 2023

Summer vacations are around the corner, and now is the perfect time to go on a family vacation trip to the place you have been dreaming of visiting for a long time. But for couples traveling with kids, the experience can be mentally and physically taxing. Children can be particularly annoying with constant demands and tantrums during a trip. Moreover, vacationing with kids means more luggage and bags to carry as opposed to going as a couple or with friends. If you are worried about the hassle of traveling with kids and how it might ruin a perfectly good vacation, then we have good news for you. Forget stressing about physically carrying your children's luggage because, in this blog, we have gathered a comprehensive list of kids' luggage bags that will make traveling a breeze.

Equipping your own kind with a travel bag means that not only can you save space in your suitcase for essential stuff, but it will free you from handling an extra bag. Now your kid can take ownership of carrying his belongings in a stylish bag without you having anxiety about losing a bag. With fewer things to worry about, you can focus on more important matters, such as enjoying your vacation and having an amazing time. So without further ado, let us look at the list of bags that will ensure smooth traveling for you.

Travel Luggage Bag Options For Your Kids 

When it comes to choosing the best kids' hand luggage, you have plenty of choices in the market. There is a wide range of bags that cater to every kind of vacation. There are bags that are heavy-duty as well as bags for light traveling.  

Kids Trolley Suitcase

A trolley bag can be a lifesaver when it comes to handling luggage at the airport. It is easy to roll it effortlessly without worrying too much about its weight. Trolley bags for children are vibrantly colored with animated figures printed on them. They have a telescopic handle that can be extended to suit your kid's height. These bags have plenty of room for storing the traveling essentials of your child, such as books, snacks, toys, and a set of clothes.  

What's Good

  • Having their very own suitcase develops a sense of responsibility in your child and frees you from anxiety during the travel trip.
  • A diverse range to choose from in the market. You can get whichever color your child demands. This is particularly beneficial if you have multiple kids who want different bags.
  • Not very large and can fit easily in an overhead plane compartment
  • Perfect size for all belongings

What's Bad

  • It can be burdensome to carry for little kids during a long journey

Spinner Wheel Expandable Suitcase

If you have kids that are around middle school age, then this is an excellent choice. It consists of 4 spinner wheels that revolve full 360 

degrees for the ultimate ease in maneuvering. It is available in bright colors and has an adjustable handle. The most useful feature is that this bag can expand its interior by a couple of inches to raise the carrying capacity. This luggage bag will serve your child well for years to come. For long vacations that require a broad range of travel accessories, this suitcase can easily keep up with the demand.

What's Good

  • Expandable capacity
  • High- quality durable stitching

What's Bad

  • Too big for toddlers 

Scooter Suitcase 

This innovatively designed suitcase is named a scooter for the right reasons. The small-sized suitcase is attached to a t-shaped extendable handlebar. It consists of three wheels. Two large wheels at the base, just like a trolley bag. The third wheel is attached at the end of a long plate on which your child will stand and ride it like a scooter while holding the handlebar. The suitcase can be folded in an upright or horizontal position. For storage in any compartment, the bag is folded in a horizontal position, the handlebar is compressed, and the plate locks to the third wheel to transform it into a trolley bag. Your kid will never get tired of handling this bag. In fact, they would prefer to ride it rather than carry it. 

What's Good

  • It can be handled like a trolley as well as sooty
  • Appropriate size for all relevant travel essentials for a kid
  • An easy and convenient way to move about with a bag

What's Bad

  • Children riding scooters can cause a nuisance in public spaces.

Kids Backpack with Wheels

You can get the best of both worlds with a backpack that converts into a trolley bag. If your kid starts to tire during the lengthy sight-seeing day, then they can put this backpack down and roll it like a trolley bag without a hassle. It features a t-shaped handle that is extendable to roll around if the backpack is too heavy to be carried. This piece of travel luggage for kids will stop the grumbling and complaints during travel hiking if your kid feels the backpack is heavy during a traveling day. 

What's Good

  • Small enough to fit in any compartment
  • Adaptable to all circumstances. It can be packed lightly for light traveling and stuffed heavily for a long journey.

What's Bad

  • The attached wheels can dig into the backside and can become uncomfortable if wearing the backpack for a longer time.

Travel Duffle Bag

Choosing a kid's travel luggage that has abundant storage space is a dream come true for any mom, and that is exactly what a travel duffle bag offers. A travel duffel bag has multiple compartments and 

a lot of space 

which makes it ideal for a camping trip. A variation of a duffel bag is a duffel bag with wheels which enables it to be used like a soft shell trolley bag. Your child can have a wonderful trip with a bag that has plentiful essentials, including their favorite toys and books, ensuring that they never get bored during long commuting times.

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